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Private Ski Lessons for Children and Adults

ski instruCtor
dejan filipovic

"Every skiing trail leads to happiness."

Dejan filipovic
Ski instruktor - Kopaonik - Obuka skijanja za decu i odrasle

Ski Instruktor
Dejan Filipovic

Ski Training and Technique Improvement

Master’s degree holder in sports and physical education and licensed ski instructor, “Your Ski Teacher.” Engaged in professional ski training since 2010, successfully imparting extensive experience to both younger and adult learners. As a highly educated expert with years of experience, he primarily applies a pedagogical approach in his work.

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Ski Instructor - Dejan Filipovic

So far

Over 4000 participants have been trained so far, and each participant receives equal attention, whether the program is conducted individually or in groups. Satisfied participants speak volumes about the success of the work and the unique way the skiing school’s program unfolds.

Ski Instructor - Dejan Filipovic

Why is he recommended

Free advice is another reason why Dejan Filipović receives recommendations. In addition to very useful tips related to skiing itself and making the right choice of suitable equipment, participants also receive daily advice on the conditions of the slopes.

Ski Instructor - Dejan Filipovic

How it started

He began his career as a teacher in sports schools, leading skiing camps for both younger and older students. Engaged in skiing since childhood, his passion for the sport was the main reason to apply his working method and knowledge in the Kopaonik Ski School.

Ski Instructor - Dejan Filipovic


Born in Kragujevac, he completed primary and secondary school there. He graduated from the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Belgrade. He completed his master’s studies with the highest grade at the same faculty. Specializing in working with preschool and younger school-age children, his ability to impart the true values of a sporting lifestyle comes to the fore.


Ski training at Kopaonik starts on December 15th and concludes on March 15th.

Dejan Filipović has been successfully engaged in professional ski training since 2010. Over 4000 participants have been trained to date. Each program is tailored to the age and abilities of the participants.

Dejan Filipović is a master’s degree holder in sports and physical education and a professional licensed ski instructor.

Payment is made in person upon arrival at Kopaonik.

Ski instruktor - Kopaonik - Obuka skijanja za decu i odrasle

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