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Beautify your winter vacation on Kopaonik

Ski programs for kids & adults

Adapted to age and ability

Choose the program that suits you best

Classes are conducted individually or in small groups, with a maximum of 5 participants

Ski instruktor - Dejan Filipovic - Kopaonik


For children aged 4 to 12

Training is conducted individually or in very small groups, depending on the age, with up to three for younger preschool children and up to five in a group for older school-age children

Ski instruktor - Dejan Filipovic - Kopaonik


For teenagers aged 12 to 18

The dynamic and, above all, fun program, tailored to the needs of this group of participants, is certainly enriched with state-of-the-art skiing techniques and methods.

Ski instruktor - Dejan Filipovic - Kopaonik


For STUDENTS over 18 years old

Exercises tailored for adult beginners, proper demonstration, assistance, and a large number of repetitions are essential prerequisites in skiing training to achieve quick and effective results


Special Program and Packages

To make your experience on Kopaonik as enjoyable as possible



For beautiful shared moments

The training lasts for one week, with two hours of skiing daily. Skiing and learning together as a family are very interesting, providing an unforgettable experience that you will surely share for a long time and be happy about the decision you made.

Celodnevni paket



If you’re coming in a larger group and enjoy skiing adventures, exploring special places on Kopaonik while improving skiing techniques and learning something new, this skiing program is the right choice for you. Save while skiing all day!

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We bring everything to your location at the scheduled time. Don’t waste time waiting in line! The ski rental delivery service, SKI BUTLER, allows you to order skis, poles, snowboards, boots, helmets, and other equipment.

Smarter, easier, and more fun

Advantages and Benefits

What skiing with a ski instructor provides.

Faster Progress

Due to the focus on your needs and skills, you can expect faster progress in private lessons.

Personal Attention

The instructor gives you full attention, enabling quicker identification and correction of mistakes, as well as providing advice.

Specific Guidance

The instructor will be able to provide guidance and exercises tailored to your goals and desired skiing techniques.


The instructor will help you develop proper skiing techniques, which can reduce the risk of injuries.


Working with an instructor enhances confidence on the slopes, helping you overcome fears.

Progress Monitoring

The instructor will track your progress, providing constructive suggestions to help you further improve your skills.


Ski training at Kopaonik starts on December 15th and concludes on March 15th.

Dejan Filipović has been successfully engaged in professional ski training since 2010. Over 4000 participants have been trained to date. Each program is tailored to the age and abilities of the participants.

Dejan Filipović is a master’s degree holder in sports and physical education and a professional licensed ski instructor.

Payment is made in person upon arrival at Kopaonik.

Ski instruktor - Kopaonik - Obuka skijanja za decu i odrasle

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