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Your holiday can be much better if you choose the ski program that suits you best!

Classes are taught individually or in small groups up to a maximum of 5 students. This approach eliminates the disadvantages and mistakes of learning in large groups. The beginner will love to ski fast, learn the basics of skiing and refine the technique over time.
The program that applies to the ski lessons is based on the general pedagogy settings and the adoption of appropriate skiing technique. The training is diverse, dynamic and interesting, and the exercises used in the methodology are directly related to the bio-mechanics of skiing. In training, the principle of individualization, graduality and systematic nature is paramount, which means that great attention is paid to the individual characteristics of the trainees and on the basis of this, the training is planned and programmed. The lesson is very interesting, as children learn through play, and initially there is additional motivation (candy).

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Ski training for children

The method of working with children differs from training with adults the most because play is a basic tool for work. Children have poorly developed cognitive abilities where the most attention is thought that is very difficult to maintain. This is why special techniques are used to maintain motivation until the end of training. The program is tailored to the age and capabilities of the children. Many years of experience and quality of work guarantee that your children will be able to master skiing techniques very quickly and properly.

A personal demonstration showing children what to do is key to ski training. Considering that these are children, praise is also very important as an encouragement to continue exercising.
During skiing training, children develop and improve all psycho-physical abilities, which is very important for further growth and development. The training is carried out individually or in very small groups, depending on the age up to a maximum of three with younger, preschool children and five in a group with younger, older school children.

ski instruktor - dejan filipovic - kopaonik

Ski training for teenagers

A special group is teenagers or adolescents. It covers the period of transition from childhood to adulthood, from the age of thirteen to nineteen. Sensitive, emotionally turbulent, prone to self-affirmation and proving require special attention when planning and programming exercise. Whether they are beginners or those who want to improve their skiing technique, there are constantly new challenges that are of interest to them.

The instructor must be an authority, and he achieves this with his attitude, skill and education. The dynamic and, above all, the fun program required by this group of students is certainly enriched with state-of-the-art skiing techniques and methods.
The transition from beginner to advanced level of skiing has been greatly facilitated by the use of an approach that produces perfect results from years back. Each participant is given maximum attention.

ski instruktor - dejan filipovic - kopaonik

Ski training for adults

Adults and adolescents are at an advantage in learning new and unknown things over children, precisely because of their more developed cognitive abilities. Skiing is such a sport that knows no age restrictions. If you want to improve your skiing knowledge and technique or just start your skiing adventure, do not look at the years. Never too late. Adult beginner exercises, proper demonstration, assistance and a large number of repetitions are the most important prerequisites for ski training.

Fear is present in adults while learning to ski because of the risk awareness of the sport. That is why the training is tailored to them. By warming up before training and gradually learning the technique, the risk of injury is minimized.

ski instruktor - dejan filipovic - kopaonik

Family package

The family package includes ski programs specifically designed for families with children. Training lasts one week for two hours of skiing per day. Skiing and learning together in the family is very interesting because it is one unforgettable experience that you will surely retell for a long time.

Learning is fun with lots of laughs and anecdotes, which is certainly a psycho-social advantage. One of the most wonderful benefits of a family winter vacation is the quality time you spend together. Shared skiing lessons will help you do this as you tour Kopaonik and gain new skiing knowledge and, of course, unforgettable memories.

Together, you will learn how to put on gear, stand on skis, keep your balance, walk, get up, skate and eventually be amazed at your skiing skills.

ski instruktor - dejan filipovic - kopaonik

All day package

All-day skiing is recommended for those who already know how to ski, and would like to perfect and learn all the magic of Kopaonik Mountain, as well as special places that only local and long-time ski instructors on the mountain know about. If you are coming to a larger group and want to ski with a professional, perfect your skiing techniques and definitely see something new, this ski program is the right choice for you. Effectively ski at least 4 hours a day.

Unless you have been skiing for a long time and not in top shape, it is certainly advisable to conserve your energy throughout the day. This program is just focused on learning techniques that will give you a long and enjoyable enjoyment both on the course and during the tour. The whole-day skiing program will certainly come in handy as preparation for the remaining days of your stay at Kopaonik, when you will be able to apply the knowledge gained independently. Save while learning to ski all day!

ski instruktor - dejan filipovic - kopaonik

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