Kopaonik - Dejan Filipovic - Ski lessons for children and adults

The largest Ski Center in Serbia

Kopaonik Ski Center extends over 55 km of alpine skiing trails and 12 km of Nordic skiing trails. For lovers of night skiing in the center of the ski resort is illuminated trail “Little Lake”. In addition, for the youngest skiers and all other beginners who are making their first ski steps, there is a secured “ski kindergarten” space with a treadmill and a carousel that makes it easy to master basic skiing skills.
Kopaonik, the largest mountain in Central Serbia, extends over a 82-kilometer wide ridge, running from the hillside above Kosovska Mitrovica, to the northwest over a series of peaks over 1600 meters, to the highest part of the so-called massif. Raven Kopaonik with peaks: Gobelja (1934 m), Karaman Vučak (1936 m), Suvo Rudiste (1976 m) and Pancicev vrh (2017 m).

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Ski rules

1. Respect for Others

Track users must behave in such a way that they do not endanger or harm their behavior or their equipment.

2. Mastering Speed ​​and Behavior

Each trail user must adjust their speed and behavior to their personal abilities, as well as general terrain and weather conditions, snow cover, and traffic density. Should the user ski or ride the board on a course that does not correspond to his or her knowledge of driving technique, he does so at his own risk.

3. Choice of direction by the one above

The user of the track above has the ability to choose the route, and must do so in a way that preserves the safety of all persons below and in front of him. Due to the specific driving style of the board and the reduced angle of view, boarders must check their left and right spaces every time they change directions.

4. Override

The overtaking can be done from behind, from the right or from the left, but it must always be done in a wide enough arc that one can predict the movement of the one overtaking.

5. At the crossing and on departure

After stopping or crossing the tracks, each user must make sure that he can move without danger to himself and to others, looking up and down.

6. Stopping

Each user must avoid stopping on narrow and impassable passages and in the event of a fall, must clear the track as soon as possible.

7. Climbing and descending on foot

Anyone who is forced to climb or walk on the trail must use the edge of the trail, taking into account that neither he nor his equipment is a danger to others.

8. Respect marking and signaling information

The user must take into account information, meteorological conditions, the condition of the trails and snow. It must also respect the marking and signaling on the tracks.

9. Help

Any person who is a witness or participant in an accident should help by giving an alarm. If necessary, as well as at the request of the rescuer, the witness or participant must be made available to them.

10. Identification

Any person who witnesses or participates in an unlucky event is required to report their identity to the rescue service.

11. Snowmobiles

The use of snowmobiles is strictly prohibited at the ski resort, except for official purposes.

12. Wearing a Protective Helmet

The use of a safety helmet is mandatory for children up to the age of 12, and is recommended for other skiers and boarders.

13. Cross-country skiing

Skiing outside the ski area and on unregulated terrains is at your own risk and a ski pass will be taken.

14. Basic FIS Rules

The basic FIS rules and signage at the ski resort, which apply to skiers, apply to boarders.

15. The ski resort user must not use the ski resort

The ski resort user must not use the ski resort if he or she is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any psychoactive drug, or agents that adversely affect his / her abilities.