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Dejan Filipovic, Master Professor of Sports and Physical Education and
Certified Ski Instructor "Your Ski Master".

He has been engaged in professional ski training since 2010 and since then has been a great success both young and adult learners.

As a certified ski instructor and highly educated professional with years of experience, it applies above all a pedagogical approach in its work.

He actively participates in the advancement of children's sports, presenting it as play and fun with great health and educational potential.

This is exactly what has garnered a lot of support and recommendations from many students.
He gained the reputation of a good ski instructor through his dedicated work, using the latest methods of learning and perfecting skiing techniques.

So far, over 4,000 students have been trained, and each participant is given equal attention, regardless of whether the program is run individually or in groups. Satisfied students talk a lot more about the success of the work and the unique way the program is run at the ski school.

Free tips are another reason why Dejan Filipovic receives recommendations. In addition to the very useful skiing tips and the right choice of the right equipment, the trainees receive daily advice on the state of the slopes.

He began his career as a professor in sports schools, where he ran skiing camps for young and older students. He has been skiing since he was little, and his love for the sport was precisely the biggest reason for applying his method of work and knowledge to the Kopaonik ski school.

Dejan Filipovic was born in Kragujevac, where he finished elementary and high school.

Faculty of Sports and Physical Education ends in Belgrade.
He graduated with a master's degree from the same faculty,
where he defended his master's thesis in 2012.

Dejan Filipovic specializes in working with preschool and young school-age children where his ability to convey the true values of a sporting lifestyle comes to the fore.

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